Veno & DeCoste Cousins


Since this website was built, I started hearing from Venos from outside what we knew as our family realm... and now I'm getting photos to share... so, let me introduce you to the Venos from Australia!

From Zak Veno - Australia

I received this email recently:

"Hey, I found your site looking for our ancestory roots.  I dont think you're close relatives, but blood's blood. My great grandfather's name was Joseph, though he died while painting the Golden Gate bridge. I'm not entirely sure about how many children he had, i think it was around 8, but my grandma and grandad's names were Veronica and Edward. They had only 1 child named Arthur. Arthur had 5 children named oldest to youngest: Josh, Katie, Lucas, Zak and Madiliene.  I'm not sure whether you'll want to add that to your site or something, I know there's plenty of pictures about Arthur, he wrote a book about motorcycle gangs.  Hope that helps improve your archives.  Zak"

Arthur and Zak Veno

Arthur & Zak

Josh Veno

"My brother, his name is Josh, he's 30 years old I think, and he lives in the U.S."

"dogs name is Odie"


From Elizabeth Veno - Australia

And, I received another email from Australia... this time from Elizabeth Veno:

Hi there

Zak has told me that he found your website so

I thought I'd send you yet another pic.

Here is: Lucas (15/1/81), Ronni (Edith Veronica 23/12/21 to 21/7/06),

Joshua (20/9/69), Madeleine (29/4/97) Rabia (Josh's partner),

Bessie (Katie's partner) Zak (23/10/91) and Katie (8/5/73)

at a family re-union is Western Samoa January, 2003.

Kids & Ronni

Kids & Ronni

I have also included Ruby Veno (29/4/04 - daughter to Katie and Bessie) and....

and where we live......

Will write again when I have a little more time.



The Brotherhoods ~ by Arthur Veno

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Book Description

Editorial Review (from
Now in a revised and updated edition, this vivid exploration of biker culture reveals the truth behind Australia's infamous motorcycle clubs through in-depth interviews, personal stories, and meticulous research. Included are the rules and rituals involved in becoming a club member, landmark incidents in biker folklore, and profiles of famous biker personalities. Unconstrained by the regulations that rule ordinary citizens, the notorious Gypsy Jokers are followed on their controversial New Year run in Western Australia. Written by an expert on biker culture, this book reveals the true picture of brotherhood among the clubs.