Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~

Wedding Invitation: Eliza J DeCoste & Benjamin F Veno ~ September 25, 1895


Eliza J. DeCoste and Benjamin F. Veno were married on September 25, 1895.  As far as I know, this is the only Wedding Invitation that still exists!  (Special Thanks to Bonnie Veno Rogers Dorsey for submitting this precious piece for scanning.)


La Mascotte performed in Weymouth 4/16 & 17/ 1928 (Role of Physician, John DeCoste)

Weymouth High School ~ Class of 1925 Graduation Program

Weymouth High School ~ Class of 1925

Graduation Booklet (Thursday afternoon, June 25, 1925)

saved by Ethel Marion Veno, kept by Ruth Landin


(inside, page 4):  Violin Solo -  “Thais”   Ethel M Veno

(inside, page 6):  (Class Play)   Nora, the maid… performed by Ethel M Veno

(inside, page 7):  List of Graduates -  Ethel Marion Veno

front cover

Inside page 2

Inside page 3

Inside Page 4

Inside Page 5

Inside Page 6

Inside Page 7

Inside, Page 8

Inside Page 9

Various Family Announcements

Blanche Veno Wedding to Carl Oliverio. Blanche was the daughter of William J & Maude (Poulin) Veno.  She was the granddaughter of John (Jean) D and Marie Victorie (DeCoste) Veno.  She was also the great-granddaughter of Victorie Seraphine (Boudreau) and Isadore Decoste.

(Note from Betty Veno Bennette:  I went to school with Joannie Oliverio, Blanche's daughter.  Anyone know where she is now?)

 Above, Intent to Marry announcement - Muriel Everett & John T DeCoste

Above, Wedding announcement - Muriel Everett & John T DeCoste (24 Nov 1940)

Above, Baby Shower for Muriel (Everett) DeCoste Nov 1942

Above, 50th wedding anniversary of William J & Maude (Poulin) Veno early 1970's?


Family Register ~ Benjamin & Eliza Veno

One of the items from Ruthie's that I received was a black leather bible that is very, very old.  In the center were pages titled, Family Register, to record family information.  I believe the writing on these pages that I scanned is by Gracie.

Family Register - Page 1:

Family Register - Page 2:

Family Register - Page 3:

Family Register - Page 4:

Ruth Landin's Autograph Book dated 1946 (High School)

Also among the photos I found an autograph book dated 1946 (high school) belonging to Ruthie Landin.  I scanned pages that were signed by names I recognized. 

("Gay" was Gracie's nickname when I was a little girl. I am sure this is Gracie)

This is from Betty Ann Veno (Forrest)

from Buzzy Herald

from Ruthie's best friend, Dotty

from Uncle Tom O'Rourke

Ruth Landin's Autograph Book dated 1944

And...Ruthie's Autograph Book from 1944.  I scanned pages written by people I knew...
(People put in the year they were to graduate which is why some show '47)

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