Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


Any photos I find that I can't identify will be on this page.  Can you identify any of the following photos?  If so, email  thanks!


Can you identify these people?   (I know Gracie is upper right, but who are the others?)

Waiting to be identified.  Do you know them?

unknown?  (ruthie showed some of us this woman's photo

some years ago, and said she was "the Indian" but we don't

know who she is and how she's related... do you know?)

Anybody know who this child is?

Does anyone remember who this lady was?

Could possibly be DeCostes (Brother of Eliza)? Anybody know?

I believe this is Lester Veno, but does anyone know who the woman is?  I think she resembles Evelyn Ashton Veno?

Mother and baby, or sister and baby?  Does anyone know who this is?

Does anyone know her and this baby?

Does anyone know her?

Do you know who this young man is?

Can you identify these young men?

(date printed on back of photo is:  Dec 8 1939)

Does anyone know any of these people?

Anyone know who these people are?

Does anyone know this guy and little girl?

Anyone know who this is?

Anyone know this guy?

Does anyone know these young ladies?

Does anyone know this little girl?

Does anyone know this little boy?

Does anyone know this woman?

Does anyone know these two people?

do you know who the woman and children are in this boat?

Anybody recognize this woman?

Any idea who this woman & child are?

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