Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


Here's a great resource that I highly recommend, "The Wonderful World Of DeCoste's"  from Karen DeCoste Perusse (a distant cousin!):  Enjoy!

DeCoste History

From "Paternal Ancestry DeCoste" done by James DeCoste, son of Thomas Eugene DeCoste


Francois Coste was born in 1671 in Martiques France, a coastal town in Southern France.  He was probably associated with Merchant Marine Activities, fishing or ship building.  In 1695 he went to Port Royal, Nova Scotia.  He stayed there long enough to find a wife and have the first of his children and subsequently moved to Cape Breton.  In Cape Breton he is credited with fouding the town of L'Ardoise.  Here he probably continued his maritime advocations.  All DeCostes in Nova Scotia decended from Francois, as he represents the only Coste family in France to go to Canada.  "Coste" means "by the shore."  Around 1800 "De" was added to the name by a local priest.  It adds nothing to the original meaning of the name.


From various sources:


Claude Petitpas was born in 1663 , married to Marie-Thérèse, a young Micmac girl.  They show up in a census taken of the Micmac.  They settled in Port-Royal, in 1685. Well known for his facility of speaking many languages and for cooperating with the people of Boston, he offered his services as an interpreter in many occasions. He was a schooner captain, therefore moving around very often.  They had several children, one was a daughter named Françoise Petitpas. 


Françoise Petitpas married Jacques (Jacob) Coste (son of Francois Coste!) who grew up in Port Toulouse, married and remained there when the rest of the Coste family went to L'Ardoise. He was a carpenter, navigator and coastal trader, and is also recorded as having built a vessel of 35 tons at Port Toulouse in 1750. After 1752, he went to live on Ile Madame at what is now Petit de Grat. 


One of their sons was named Claude Coste  (b Bet. 1730 - 1734 ) who married Margurite Vigneau (b September 24, 1734).


One of their sons was Felicien OR Phillistin Coste (b April 04, 1767) who married Marie Langlois (b 1773).  They both died in Harve Boucher, Nova Scotia.


One of their sons was Hubert Coste (b Abt. 1805 in Harve Boucher, Antigonish) who married Euphrosine (Frazine) Petitpas (b Abt. 1806). 


NOTE:  It was around this time a local priest added the "De" to make the name "DeCoste"


They had a son named Isadore "Zidon" DeCoste (b May 1837 Harve Boucher, Antigonish, Nova Scotia) who married Victoria Seraphine Boudreau (b November 25, 1841 in West Arichat, Nova Scotia).  NOTE:  These are my great-grandparents.


Isidore had the following children:

  • Marie Victorie DeCoste ( b December 06, 1868)
  • Simon Hubert DeCoste (b October 17, 1870)
  • Henry DeCoste (b November 1871)
  • Eliza "Lizzie" Jane DeCoste (b January 13, 1873)  NOTE:  MARRIED BENJAMIN VENO
  • Catherine DeCoste (b February 16, 1874)
  • Philomene DeCoste (March 24, 1875)
  • John Hubert "Jean" DeCoste (b September 03, 1876)
  • Elizabeth "Bessie" DeCoste (b November 16, 1878)
  • David DeCoste (b May 17, 1880)
  • Henri DeCoste (b November 22, 1882)
  • Thomas (Walter) DeCoste (b June 1885)


Mi'kmaq Ancestry of Jerry Gerrior Click on this link. It contains:  "Jacques Fougere b. 1759 is the son Joseph Fougere and Marguerite Coste. Marguerite Coste is the Daughter of Jacques Coste b. Nov 10, 1705 and Francoise Petitpas b. 1706.  Francoise Petitpas is the Daughter of Claude Petitpas b. 1663 in Nova Scotia and Marie Therese Amerindian Mi'kmaq b. 1668 in the Indian Nation, Nova Scotia."