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~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~

BEFORE 1940 - Page 1

The following photos are from before 1940

Veno Family (baby on lap is Raymond)  Approximately 1917

back row:  Harold, Lester, Grace, Eddie, Not sure (possibly Tom O'Rourke?)

Front row:  Hazel, Eliza (mother), Alice, Benjamin (father), Raymond (on lap), Ethel

The Veno Family, in front of 158 Neck St, about 1920

"I have never looked into the faces of my great grandparents until now and it's quite a strange feeling to see them stare back at me with features like my own."  ~ Susan Veno in Seattle

Left, Victorie Seraphine Boudreau DeCoste and her two daughters,

seated is Elizabeth "Bessie" DeCoste DeCoste Perry, standing on right is Eliza DeCoste Veno

 Victorie Seraphine Boudreau DeCoste, wife of Isadore DeCoste
born November 25, 1841 in West Arichat, Nova Scotia
died September 11, 1914, Weymouth Massachusetts
Wife of Isadore DeCoste
Mother of Eliza DeCoste Veno

One of my favorite "finds!"  The gentleman is most likely William (Guilliame) Veno, father of Benjamin Veno.  The two little girls would most likely be grandchildren.

Gertrude Coste, born  about 1820

Marie Therese was her great, great grandmother. 

Gertrude was also the first cousin, once removed, to Isadore DeCoste

(( photo courtesy of Jerry Gerrior, visit his website:  Mi'kmaq Ancestry of Jerry Gerrior ))

Alice Perry, Daughter of Bessie DeCoste and Fred Perry

Grand-daughter of Isidore DeCoste

Niece of Eliza DeCoste Veno

Thanks to John T DeCoste for the photo!

DeCoste Family

L-R:  Thomas Eugene DeCoste born 1912; Isidore DeCoste; Lillian Veno DeCoste; Thomas DeCoste; Mary Bernadette DeCoste b 1913

Thanks to Carol Lee Adams Callahan for this photo,  daughter of Mary Bernadette DeCoste

Grand-daughter of Tom & Lillian (Veno)  DeCoste (Tom was the brother of Eliza DeCoste Veno)

Great-Granddaughter of Isidore DeCoste

Do you know who the lady on the left and the lady in the center are?

Benjamin (Barpie) and Matthew (Spud) Veno  { FRATERNAL TWINS }

"Spud and Aunt Suzie lived down Ford Point across the water from the soap factory."  ~ Lorraine Herald Kain

This photo is in front of Benjamin's home, 158 Neck Street.  Notice the flags in the yard.  A Holiday?

Ethel Marion Veno Carroll - 1925

Ethel Marion Veno Carroll  approx 1927

** Correct name is:  Grace Beatrice Veno O'Rourke **
age 13   (thanks, Lorraine!)

Hazel May Veno  about 1922?

Grace Beatrice Veno (Probably around 1917)

Arthur DeCoste - WWI

L-R  Gertrude DeCoste, (middle, unknown), Lillian DeCoste Ferguson Diotte abt 1918

Alice Perry & Gertrude DeCoste (sisters)  Daughters of Elizabeth "Bessie" DeCoste DeCoste Perry - June 30th, 1918

Elizabeth "Bessie" DeCoste DeCoste Perry (sister of Eliza DeCoste Veno, daughter of Victorie Seraphine (Bourdrea) and Isadore DeCoste

Alice Perry - 1923, daughter Elizabeth "Bessie" DeCoste DeCoste & Fred Perry

Alice Perry & Fred Perry

Alice Perry' great-grandmother 107 Yrs old CANADA

Irene DeCoste, daughter of John DeCoste, granddaughter of Isadore DeCoste
(first cousin of Eliza DeCoste Veno)

Cousins John and Stanley DeCoste

Dave DeCoste

Brothers Dave and John DeCoste

Dave DeCoste on left

Isadore DeCoste

John Connell, father of Alice Connell DeCoste (Alice married Dave DeCoste, son of Isadore DeCoste)

(Mary) Bernadette DeCoste

William F DeCoste - 1928 High School Graduation

Alice (Connell) DeCoste (wife of Dave DeCoste (sr))

Alice Perry (daughter of Bessie DeCoste & Fred Perry)

Bernadette "Bernie" DeCoste - 1932

Bill DeCoste  abt 1920

Brothers, Bill & Dave DeCoste

 DeCoste Brothers, abt 1923

 Isadore DeCoste on right holding Bill DeCoste

Elizabeth "Bessie" DeCoste DeCoste Perry, Dave, Bill, John, Alice Connell Decoste, unknown, Dave DeCoste

Tom O'Rourke, Grace Beatrice Veno marry - June 1929

Hazel May Veno - 19 months old, 1905

Ashton Family, about 1925 - Evelyn Ashton married Lester B Veno

Front row Alice, Helen, Mary, back row Evelyn, Hannah, Joseph , and Ambrose

Ruthie and Buzzy -  approx 1939

Front, Center - Raymond Veno - Kindergarten - Athen's School, Weymouth

approx 1935? 

UPDATE:  James ?, Rita and Eugene Durante and Ruth Ingham.  

(Thanks to Rita Durante Cameron for identifying these children!)

Athens School (Ray Veno, upper row, right) - Below, Closeup of Ray Veno from above photo

Raymond Veno, Confirmation Day (approx 12 yrs old - 1926?)

Raymond Veno - Age 13 (School Photo)

Raymond Veno, in front of 158 Neck St, Weymouth

Eddie Veno ?

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