Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~

Year 2000 On.....

The following photos are from the year 2000 on.....

John T DeCoste Family

42nd Street

Lady in pink, center is Jennifer DeCoste, daughter of John T DeCoste - who is to the left of her (on her right)

Matthew E DeCoste, and his daughters Rhyleigh Elizabeth & Isabella Marie

Isabella Marie DeCoste

Lester Veno's Family

Susan Veno - Daughter of Lester Veno, Jr;

Granddaughter of Lester Veno Sr;

Great-granddaughter of Benjamin & Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Lester & Jean Veno, sons and grandchildren  Year?

Front row: Abigail Veno, Sharon Veno, Jean Ruth Stevens Veno, Lester Bernard Veno
(he's never been an official  "Jr."), Susan Marie Veno, Tenaiya Kapua Brookfield. 
Back row: Steven Christopher Veno, Morgan Veno, Diane Veno, David Bradford Veno,
David Lei Kainoa Wong, Danielle Veno, Jules Kekoa Brookfield.
Lester and Jean are the parents of:
Susan Marie Veno, Steven Christopher Veno and David Bradford Veno.
Steven and Sharon's children are:  Morgan, Danielle and Abigail.
Susan's children are:  Jules, Tenaiya and David.

The following two photos were sent by Susan Veno, her children!   "Here's a couple of pictures to add for the next generation.  First pic is Jules Brookfield with his sister Tenaiya on graduation day last year with his B.S. in Computer Science from Northeastern University, his grandfather's (Lester Veno) Alma Mata.  He has since taken a position in web development in Miami. Second pic is Tenaiya Brookfield with her brother Jules on her graduation day this past June with her B.S in Political Science from University of Washington. She is studying for law school and will most likely be joining her brother in Miami in the fall."

Above, Diane & David Veno (son of Lester B Veno Jr)

Above, Tenaiya Brookfield, Steve Veno (son of Lester B Veno Jr),  Sharon Veno (Steve's wife), Morgan, Danielle and Abigail Veno (Steve's daughters)

Above, Susan Veno in her garden - 2006

Above, the AMAZING Lester Veno, Hockey Player

Below, Lester Veno, Sailor!

Lester B Veno Jr on his yacht, Nirvana II

Berte Family Vacation 2006

Berte family on vacation, Marco Island 2006

Sam and Sherrill Berte and their daughters, Emily, Jillian, Natalie

Mark Forrest's Family

Alan (above) and Belle (below) Forrest - Children of Mark Forrest;

Grandchildren of Betty Ann (Veno) Forrest; Great-grandchildren of Lester B Veno

Great-great-grandchildren of Benjamin F & Eliza J Veno

Alan & Belle are currently Living in Pennsylvania

 Mark Forrest  (above) hosting a cookout at his home in Hingham - Augusst 2005;

Mark's guests (below) having a great time at his cookout (I wish I were there!)

Lorraine Herald Cain's Family

Sean, Shelley, John, Donna - 2003

Great-grandchildren of Benjamin & Eliza

Grandchildren of Alice Veno Herald Brennan

Children of Lorraine Herald Kain 

Andrew Michael Smith - age 15   2005 Son of  Dale Smith Jr and Nicole (Braley) Smith

Grandson of Dale & Donna (Kain) Smith;  Greatgrandson of John (Bud) & Lorraine (Herald) Kain;

Great-great-grandson of Joe and Alice (Veno) Herald Brennan; 

Great-great-great-grandson of Benjamin and Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Brady & Kaitlyn - Brady is the son of Shawn Kain and Kaitlyn is the daughter of Shannon Kain;

Grandchildren of John "Chip" Kain;  Greatgrandchildren of  Lorraine (Herald) Kain;

Great-great-grandchildren of Alice (Veno) Herald Brennan

Great-great-great-grandchildren of Benjamin and Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Reilley Smith, age 2 - Feb 2005 - daughter of  Dale & Jennifer Madjerec Smith;

Granddaughter of Dale & Donna (Kain) Smith;  Greatgranddaughter of John & Lorraine (Herald) Kain

Great-greatgranddaughter of Joe &Alice (Veno) Herald Brennan

Great-great-great-granddaughter of Benjamin and Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Betty Veno Bennette's Family

Betty M (Veno) and Jim Bennette 2003

Granddaughter of Benjamin & Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Daughter of Raymond Veno

Jim and Daniel Bennette 2000  -  Sons of Betty M (Veno) Bennette;

Grandsons of Raymond Veno;  Great-grandsons of Benjamin & Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Jacob (b 1995), Margaret (b 1999), Jimmy (b 1991), Joshua (b 1996) 

Children of James J Bennette;  Grandchildren of Betty M (Veno) Bennette;

Great-grandchildren of Raymond Veno;

Great, Great-Grandchildren of Benjamin & Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Dick & Betty A Veno Forrest's 50th Wedding Anniversary - Summer 2005

Guests of Honor!  Betty A (Veno) & Dick Forrest - 50th Anniversary Party 2005

Beth (Forrest) McDonough's husband, Michael McDonough and
Mark Forrest (oldest son of Betty Ann (Veno) & Dick Forrest)

Sally Forrest, Betty (Veno) Bennette, Beth (Forrest) McDonough (Jim Bennette in background)

Beth (Forrest) McDonough and Lester Veno (jr)

Beth (Forrest) McDonough and Karen (Herald) Coakley

Bonnie (Veno Rogers) Dorsey and Bob Dorsey

Beth Forrest McDonough's Wedding

Beth Forrest McDonough's wedding.  (( Year? ))

Front :  Dianne & David Veno, Billy & Linda MacDonald (Forrest side of family)

Back :  Jean & Les Veno, Betty (Veno) Forrest, John & Lorraine Welsh

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