Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


The following photos are from the 1990's


John, Donna, Shelly, Sean -

Great-grandchildren of Benjamin & Eliza;  

Grandchildren of Alice Veno Herald Brennan; 

Children of Lorraine Herald Kain    1993

Dale & Donna (Kain) Smith      1995

Melissa and John Kain  - Year?

Shelly (Kain) John Dunderdale - 1995

JoAnne (Herald) and Marty Goldin - 1995

(JoAnne is the:  Great-granddaughter of Benjamin & Eliza,  

granddaughter of Alice Veno Herald Brennan, daughter of John "Buzzy" & Mary (Smith)  Herald

Smith Family - 1990

back row, L-R:  Dale Sr, Donna (Kain), Chad, Dale Jr,

front row, L-R:  Dale Jr's wife, Nicole (Braley) Smith, and their son, Andrew Michael Smith

Karen & Lorraine

Karen & Ruthie

Ruthie, Bonnie, Lorraine

Bonnie, Ruthie



 "The Girls"  Barbara (Silver) DeCoste, Stephanie Williams (granddaughter of John T Decoste), Caroline (DeCoste) Williams (daughter of John T DeCoste), Louise Williams (granddaughter of John T DeCoste) and Jennifer DeCoste (daughter of Barbara (Silver) & John T DeCoste)  about 1999

John T DeCoste with grandson Ryan Glen Williams and son Matthew Everett DeCoste

Four Generations:  Baby - Jillian Berte

Her mother, Sherrill (Rogers) Berte;  Her grandmother, Dorothy "Bonnie" Veno Rogers Dorsey

Her great-grandmother, C. Dot (O'Connor) Veno

Sherrill, Sam and Jillian Berte

Sherrill Rogers (daughter of Bonnie Veno)

Donna Kain Smith (daughter of Lorraine Herald)

"The Cottage"  Mattakeesett, Pembroke (I believe that's Ruthie at the door).  Originally owned by Ethel Veno Carroll, Ruth Landin Ingham lived at "The Cottage" during the late 90's until she became ill in 2003.

Do we all have memories of "The Cottage?"  I remember dreading going there because of the outhouse!  But, I have nice memories of watching the pond, the jumping fish, Cecil taking a bar of Ivory soap and going in the pond to bathe.... the laughter of the "adults"...  I also remember the mugs that had faces on them, and the little creek along the side of the property.  ahhhhhh.... memories!      ~ Betty Veno Bennette, recalling the early to mid 50's.


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