Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


The following Photos are from the 1980's

The Dunderdale Family:  "Skip" John and Shelly and their children, Jack, Chris and Brittany - Year?

Chad Michael Smith  1988

Chad is the:  Great,Great-Grandson of Benjamin & Eliza,  Great-grandson of Alice (Veno) Herald Brennan,  Grandson of Lorraine (Herald) Kain,  son of Donna (Kain) Smith

Bonnie Veno Rogers marries Robert Dorsey

The following photos are from the 90th Birthday Party for Evelyn "Dee Dee" (Ashton) Veno who was married to Lester B Veno.  Her granddaughter, Sally Forrest had this to share about her grandmother: 

Lester Veno's wife Evelyn Ashton Veno b. June 7, 1898 in Weymouth, MA

died November 25, 1992 (approx).  Fondly called Dee-Dee because

when Johnny Welsh was a child the family would say

"dear, dear we must be going" and the name stuck.

Dee-Dee loved to play the organ and her sisters were well known

to put on shows for the locals. Alice was the "eloqutionist",

Helen and Evelyn (Dee-Dee) on piano, and Mary was a dancer.

Evelyn "Dee Dee" Ashton Veno - her 90th Birthday

Dick Forrest and Betty Ann Veno Forrest

Lester & Jean Veno

Lester Veno & Betty Ann Veno Forrest 

Mark Forrest & Dick Forrest 

Beth & Sally Forrest 


Karen, Lorraine, Betty A, Betty M, Bonnie

First Cousins:  Lorraine, Betty, Betty, Ruth, Bonnie

First Cousins

Karen & Lorraine

Sherrill, Ruthie, Bonnie

Ruth Landin Ingham, Ted Wiede  (late 80's?)

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