Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


The photos on this page are from the 1960's

Tom O'Rourke and Grace Veno O'Rourke, seated in front of 158 Neck St, Weymouth MA (where the sons and daughters of Eliza & Benjamin Veno grew up.  Grace & Tom lived there.)

Grace Veno O'Rourke - around 1968

Gracie in her yard.  I'm sure I am not alone in remembering how much Gracie loved her garden.  She really had a green thumb and was very talented at arranging flowers!  I remember her telling me about the orange/reddish poppies in front of her in the photo above! 

Lester & Jean Veno & their children, Steven, Susan, David and Sam the dog

from Susan Veno (standing in back): " The brown/sepia colored pic with the dog was taken when I was 16 because I remember returning very elated frm a very liberating trip to Austria with that outfit.  That was 1968. "

Hazel, Tom, Gracie, Ethel (Mid 60's?)

Buddy and Lorraine (Herald) Kain, and Ruthie Landin Ingham

Tom, Grace, Hazel, Ethel, Ruthie

Gracie, Ethel, Hazel, Ruthie, Tom

Karen Herald - daughter of Alice Veno - High School Graduation, 1961

Russ Jacobs (jr) - son of Alice Perry (who was a first cousin to the children of Benjamin & Eliza.  Alice's mother was a DeCoste) - H.S. Graduation 1960

Back of photo, Russie wrote, "To Ethel, Remember all the good times we have had at the cottage.  I hope we have a lot more good times in the future.  Love, Russie '60"

Grace, Lester, Hazel, Raymond, Ethel and Alice Veno approx 1968

Veno siblings in 1968 with their surviving spouses at the time.

Ralph and Bernadette (DeCoste) Adam and Dot (O'Connor) and Ray Veno 1968.  Bernadette was the first cousin of the children of Eliza & Benjamin.

Mary (Smith) and John (Buzzy) Herald  (Late 50's Early 60's???) 

The following photos are from Ruthie's Wedding Album - October 22, 1960

Grace (Veno) O'Rourke, Ruth (Landin) Ingham and Ethel (Veno) Carroll    October 1960 

October 1960  -  Lorraine and Karen  

October 1960 - Ray, Ruthie, Hazel 

(Ruthie's fater had passed away when she was an infant, so she had her uncle Raymond Veno give her away)

October 1960 Ruthie & Raymond 

Ruth Landin, Bill Ingham   Wedding 1960

At the end of Ruthie's Wedding, 1960:  L-R woman in pink *may* be Lilly DeCoste Diotte?  two young girls:  Rosemary Adam (daughter of Bernadette Decoste Adam) and Betty M Veno (daughter of Raymond Veno); Bill Ingham & Ruth Landin Ingham; Hazel Veno Landin and an unknown woman.

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