Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


The following photos are from the 1950's

Betty Ann Veno (Forrest) - daughter of Lester Veno -  H.S. Graduation

(??year 51, 52 ??)

John "Buzzy" Herald - son of Alice Veno -  H.S. Graduation  (??Year??)

Lorraine Herald (Kain) - daughter of Alice Veno -  H.S. Graduation 1950


Bonnie Veno - daughter of Raymond Veno H.S. Graduation Photo 1959

Evelyn Veno, Lester B. Veno, Betty Ann Veno  (And, "ACE" the dog) - 1950's

Beth Forrest, Betty Ann (Veno) Forrest, Sally Forrest, Evelyn Ashton Veno,
Steven Veno (Lester B. Veno Sr is the WAY back)

Lorraine Herald Kain (daughter of Alice Veno Herald Brennan)  

Karen Herald (Coakley) - daughter of Alice Veno Herald Brennan - Age 6

Alice Veno Herald, Barpie Veno, Donna Kain and Lorraine Kain 


Benjamin "Barney" "Barpie" Veno 


Donna Kain being held by her grandmother, Alice Veno Herald

Lorraine (Herald) Kain is in car 

Karen holding her niece, Donna Kain 

L to R:  Bill Ingham, John "Buddy" Kain holding John "Chip" Kain

and John "Buzzy" Herald holding Donna Kain 

Lorraine Herald (Kain) - daughter of Alice Veno & Betty M Veno (Bennette) - daughter of Raymond Veno abt 1953

John "Buddy" Kain and Lorraine Herald Kain  (early 50's?)


Ruth Landin (daughter of Hazel Veno) & Robert E O'Connor, baby is Betty M Veno (daughter of Raymond Veno)

"I never saw photos of my Christening before!  Ruthie was my godmother and my maternal uncle, Bobby O'Connor was my godfather.  This would have been 1950."  ~ Betty Veno Bennette

Walter and Hazel (early 50's?)      

Ruth Landin (daughter of Hazel Veno), Donna Kain and her mom, Lorraine Herald Kain (daughter of Alice Veno) -  early 1950's   (Ruthie was Donna's godmother!) 

Ruth Landin (daughter of Hazel Veno) with Betty M Veno (daughter of Raymond Veno) approx 1953 in yard at 158 Neck St, N Weymouth

Daddy's Girl!  Buddy Kain and Donna

Ethel, Alice, Grace (front), Joe Herald?, and Karen  -  approx 1955?

Lorraine and John "Chip" Kain  -  1958

Bonnie and Raymond  -  approx 1954

Left:  Fuffi Baily (friend of Venos & DeCostes)

Middle:  Alice Perry Jacobs (first cousin of the children of Eliza & Benjamin Veno)

Right:  Catherine Dorothy O'Connor Veno (married Raymond Veno)

Bill Ingham  mid - late 50's? (married Ruth Landin)

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