Veno & DeCoste Cousins


~  In memory of the children of Benjamin F Veno & Eliza J DeCoste  ~


The following photos are from the 1940's

 Dave DeCoste, WWII son of Alice (Connell) & Dave DeCoste, Grandson of Victorie Seraphine (Boudreau) & Isadore DeCoste  (nephew of Eliza DeCoste Veno)

Evenly Ashton (center) married Lester Veno.  This is Evelyn ("DeeDee") with her two children, Betty Ann Veno and Lester Veno Jr  -  about 1944

"Thanks Betty Its been a long time since I saw that picture. Les must be about sixteen, I'm ten which would make my mother about forty-five and the lawn chair is still out for the winter. Oh boy, how casual we all were then. Thanks so much."  ~ Betty Ann Veno Forrest

1946 - Lester Veno's High School Graduation

Evenly Ashton Veno, Lester, Jr, Betty A Veno and Lester Veno Sr.

 The two photos above are most likely from a wedding shower held for Bill and Rose (Courtney) DeCoste.  Probably early 1940's. 

Lorraine and John "Buzzy" Herald and Ruth Ingham

Ruth Landin (on left) daughter of Hazel May Veno Landin and Lorraine Herald (on right) daughter of Alice Vivian Veno Herald.  ( First Cousins - their mom's were sisters)


Two great photos of Benjamin (Barpie) Veno sitting in his yard. 

As a little girl, my dad used to have me sing to "Barpie" and I remember looking into his eyes and thinking how much his eyes were exactly like my dad's.  Barpie died when I was 5 years old, and I remember his eyes!  I was thrilled to see these photos of him.  ~ Betty M Veno Bennette

 Muriel (Everett) and John T DeCoste (sr)

John T DeCoste (jr) - son of Muriel Everett & John T DeCoste  1943

John T "Teddy" DeCoste  abt 1945

 John, Dave and Mrs Alice (Connell) DeCoste

 Bill DeCoste

 Agnes Connell Levangie, Alice Connell DeCoste and Elizabeth "Bessie" DeCoste DeCoste Perry

 Rose (Courtney) and Bill DeCoste

Ethel Veno marries Cecil Carroll


Buzzy Herald (Tom and Barpie in background)    


John "Buzzy" and his sister Lorraine Herald 

I believe this is Tom ORourke, Harold with Ruthie, then I don't know the other two.

Harold Veno

Harold Veno and Agnes Epps

Harold Veno

Buzzy and Betty Ann 

Cardinal Cushing and Lorraine Herald 

Ruthie, friend (Dotty) and Bonnie -  approx 1947

Ruthie and Buzzy

Bonnie Veno - School Photo (mid 40's) daughter of Raymond B Veno


Ruth Landin (daughter of Hazel Veno) & Bonnie Veno  (daughter of Raymond Veno) abt 1946?

Geraldine Adam - daughter of Bernadette DeCoste Adam who was a first cousins of the children of Benjamin and Eliza (DeCoste) Veno

Joseph P O'Connor, Marie O'Connor, Raymond Veno, Catherine "Dot" O'Connor Veno, Harold Veno September 28, 1940


Janice (Delia) DeCoste 


Stan DeCoste

(Son of Henry E DeCoste and Bessie DeCoste, Grandson of Isadore DeCoste, nephew of Eliza DeCoste Veno)

(half brother of Alice Perry)


John T DeCoste (Sr)

(son of David DeCoste, Grandson of Isadore DeCoste, nephew of Eliza DeCoste Veno)


Bill DeCoste

(son of David DeCoste, Grandson of Isadore DeCoste, nephew of Eliza DeCoste Veno)


Alice Perry & Russ Jacobs

(Alice is the daughter of Bessie DeCoste Perry, granddaughter of Isadore DeCoste, niece of Eliza DeCoste Veno)

(Half sister of Stan DeCoste)

Wedding of Alice Perry to Russ Jacobs  (Date?)

L-R:  Margie Rocket, Muriel DeCoste, John DeCoste, Don Rocket, E Burke, Stan DeCoste,

Alice (Perry) Jacobs, Russ Jacobs, Bill DeCoste, Ruth Woods, Janice (Delia) DeCoste

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